Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes - Ordered Online, Never recieved products

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Ordered bicycle $150.00 wheels for a staff member of mine from the Neal, against my better judgement.Called many times to inquire about the items over the next month and a half.

When I did manage to get hold of him, his excuses were worse my 3 year old makes. Nevertheless, expected the items to arrive at some stage - they never did. Stopped taking my calls, now the web site is down.

Had to make a claim through Paypal, which is just as useless.

Next time you speak to a seller that sounds like a prison veteran on crack with an IQ of 6 that cannot even write his own name - listen to your instinct - and save your self some cash.

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Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes - Neal Williams


Ordered parts through the website and NEVER got the parts.Never answered the phone or returned emails or phone messages.

I do NOT recommend purchasing anything from this douche-bag. His website is all show, f-cken crackhead is building a great reputation for himself. And his ***-cking wife/girlfriend Linda is the same, toothless ***. A bunch of false promises and fake representations of a true legitimate budiness.

Dont let the fake *** website decieve you. His f-cken Paypal account is frozen due to his fraudulent business practices.

If you need custom lowrider parts go somewhere else.NY Bone Collectors is a JOKE.

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Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes - Nelson Baligod

Sacramento, California 0 comments

The Bone Collector, Neal, took my pre-payment in full for some custom made parts and led me to believe they were going to fulfill their obligation within a certain timeframe.They had communicated well for a while then went dead silent after a month.

Finally decided to file a claim on the credit card I paid through but I am sure he took the money and ran to the first crack dealer and smoked it away. Everything about their website is a crock of ***. The largest supplier of bike parts is looking to be the largest SKAMMER. I have attached the email trail for the entire transaction, including several responses where I was blatantly lied to.

NY Bone Collector is a FRAUD.Buyer beware !!!

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Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes - scam

Atascadero, California 1 comment
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I ordered a $150 trike kit and it never came.I called so many times and no answer.

only once and they told me,the reason why the part hasnt come yet is because they were in the process of moving. Dont order parts from they will never come. I looked up the address and a random house came up its a scam! I have been waiting for the trike kit since before my daughter was born she is now six months.

I just stopped expecting it to come and got tired of calling them.That $150 could have been used for diapers instead of to support some random guy that doesnt have a life but to rip people off of their money!!!

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I ordered a pair of twisted exhausts and a twisted steering wheel.The parts have not came in for almost two months.

I call and call and there is either no answer or they say my parts are still in Denver. They've been using this excuse for 2 weeks already and it's getting old.

I've missed three bike shows due to them.My advice is don't order thru them unless you want to wait for months or don't want your parts that bad.

Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes - Nybonecollectors does not send merchandise

New York, New York 2 comments
Not resolved

i brought a twisted seat post for $10 to good to be true i waited almost 3 weeks nothing i have emailed i have called nothing one email did not work 3 other emails listed in the website i tried emailing nothing no response one working phone number but they never pick up and i have left messages i have got no return calls i had to open clams with paypal the website is beware guys of this website also there address is

Bone Collectors Lowrider Bikes

709 Garson Avenue

Rochester, NY 14609-6421


none working email:

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the best site to get ur stuff is where i get it at at i always brought stuff from them and they are the cheapest price u can get better than any where else


here are the problems i had with

-i ordered a 20" lowrider bike but it couldn't be shipped to Hawaii.

-i got a refund for the bike and ordered the BC Slammer Kit. when i received it, it was missing some parts & air tank wasn't in good condition.

-i was told that ill receive a extended crown. i never got it!

-then i ordered knock-offs, steering wheel & handlebars. 3 months passed and i never received those parts.

-i asked for a refund for the handlebars, steering wheel & knock-offs and only got half of what i spent. wheres the other half my money? it doesnt take more than 3 months to give a refund back!

guys.. this is a scam!

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